ABOUT JUNIPER |  Sarah Elaine

Juniper Company is a fair trade, eco-friendly brand dedicated to offering you products that are well made, ethically sourced, and will last a life time. We believe in slow fashion, and paying a fair price for a fair product. We want our brand to encourage a change in the way we shop that uplifts workers from sweatshops, betters our environment, and leaves you with a product you love and feel good about. We demand quality, not just for the product you buy, but for the life of the person who made it.

We make our products from recycled plastic, organic material, or biodegradable material. We use vegan ink and DTG printing for almost zero water waste. We thoroughly test each of our products for longevity, durability, and comfort.


Dedicated to spreading good, Juniper Company only offers fair trade, eco friendly, ethically sourced products. 

Thank you for supporting the mission of Juniper Company!

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Shipping and Returns

Currently we do not offer returns or exchanges on our items as everything is made to order. However if your item arrives damaged, or you have a different issue please contact me and I will fix this right away!

Thank you for supporting Juniper Company!

Love, Sarah Elaine