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This piece was created with the understanding that our bodies are capable of incredible things. Capable of making room for growth and change. Stretch marks are a beautiful pattern we naturally create when our bodies are ready for this change. 
This piece celebrates every phase of change, with marks resembling rapid growth as well as marks that appear after some time of healing. This piece was also an interpretation for how these marks appear differently on different skin tones.

I hope this piece inspires you as much as it has been an inspiration for me!

Print is available in 2 size prints:
• 11"x14"
• 8"x10"


> Printed on a high-quality paper with a smooth texture
> The print includes a white border around the illustration.
> The print is shipped flat wrapped in a protective sleeve in a protective envelope backed with cardboard.
> Signed and dated on the back with the number print.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions,
♡ Sarah Elaine

Floral Stretch Mark Watercolor Painting

Excluding Sales Tax
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