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King of kings, yet born of Mary. How incredible that peace on earth began with the start of a family. And the nativity is simply that, a family. A very important family. 
I want to remember that the greatest gift on earth can’t be bought at a store. It can’t be wrapped with pretty paper. And it won’t fit under your tree. The greatest gift was given to us when the love of our Father came to earth in the form of a small baby boy. 
I made this piece because I wanted to have my own reminder in my home of what’s most important this time of year. I made this because I wanted a one-piece nativity scene, that could fit on the small shelf in my living room where I’ll see it every day. I made this because world peace begins when we choose to go home and love our family. When I look at this piece - or any nativity scene - I remember our Father who is the source of all love, who gave His one and only son to die in our place so that someday we could all be united with our heavenly family.

Each element from the choice of flowers to the colors used in this piece has a symbolic meaning. A further description will be at the bottom of this section. 
Original acrylic painting by Sarah Elaine.

Print is available in 2 size prints:
• 11"x14"
• 8"x10"


> Printed on a high-quality paper with a smooth texture
> The print includes a white border around the illustration.
> The print is shipped flat wrapped in a protective sleeve in a protective envelope backed with cardboard.
> Signed and dated on the back with the number print.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions,
♡ Sarah Elaine

Symbolism of flowers and colors:
Each element from the choice of flowers to the colors used in this piece has a symbolic meaning. White for purity, blue and red for royalty, and pink for hope. Just above Jesus is a white rose that represents the purity of Christ, and the thorns of His crown. Above the rose is a daisy that represents Christ's innocence. The holly and ivy to both sides of the daisy represent the blood for Christ and the thorns of His crown. The top left and right corners have a holly flower that represents the purity of Mary who was chosen by God to bring our hope into the world. Surrounding the daisy and holly are lily of the valley. They represent hope and joy as they are among the first flowers to bloom after winter and they are full of fragrance. To either side of the holly flowers are poinsettia, which makes a star formation and symbolize the star of Bethlehem, and the red represents His sacrifice. The blue hypericum berries are known for the healing power and have been used to help fight depression and calm anxiety. These berries represent forgiveness, healing, and good will to all. Below the berries are pink tulips. They represent joy and hope as they are one of the first to bloom in spring. The bottom white leaf design is lambs ear, representing Christ as the perfect lamb.The white hyacinth under the knees of Joseph and Mary represent hope and joy as they are among the first to bloom in spring and full of fragrance.

Folk Nativity

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